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Many people have participated in ccr over the years, including:
The research management:
Tom Landauer, Mike Lesk, George Furnas, Jim Hollan.
The legendary gods of version 0.0:
Steve Abney, George Furnas, Michael Littman, Scott Stornetta.
The primordial gods of version 0.1:
Elena Ackley, Ben Bederson, Patrik D'haeseleer, George Furnas, Mark Handler, Steve Hofmeyr, Lee Jensen, Craig Jorgensen, Nigel Kerr, Michael Littman, Adam Messinger, Nelson Minar, Anil Somayaji, Derek Smith, Jason Stewart, Jeff Zacks.
The developers of version 0.1+:
Sean Brennan, Brian Clark, Steve Coltrin, Neal Fachan, Suresh Madhu, Jeff Moser, Peter Neuss, Nathan Wallwork, Jeff Zacks.

Thanks to all!

(And if I have forgotten to include you, I truly truly suck! Please get in touch!)

— Dave Ackley